1816 Mississippi State and Territorial Census of Marion County, Mississippi.

The worksheets are names transcribed from images and alphabetized and cross referenced to image number by Shannon Gorman. The names may or may not be spelled the way you would prefer. Please feel free to make corrections in your own research.

To print the images, right click on image and save to your computer. Format picture to meet your needs and then print it.

All files below are JPG format. If you are a teacher, email me and I will send you a PDF or XCEL format file for use in your classroom for history projects.

The 1816 Mississippi State census contains following categories:

Free white males over 21
Free white males under 21
Free white females over 21
Free white females under 21
Total number of white inhabitants
Total number of free people of color
Total number of slaves
Total number of inhabitants

Images are available on microfilm at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The images are available online for a fee at The images are available at any local Family History Center for fee. You may access any of the three sites and obtain microfilm and exact roll number for use in your research. I will not post microfilm number for you. You need to obtain it yourself to be sure it is correct for your intended purposes.

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