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Submitted by Sandra Shields Cook

Marion County, MS Conveyance Book D, PG 89-94

February 21, 1863

The following is an additional list of the names of solders from Marion County, Mississippi, who have been mustered into th service of the Confederate States, with the names of the companies to which they belong, and also the names of all persons belonging to the Militia of the state, who have been in actual service in the field with the names of the companies to which they belong.
Columbia Guards

38th Mississippi Regiment

Enoch Amaker

Willis Amaker

John Applewhite

Isaac Applewhite

James Applewhite

Henry Brakefield

William Baxter

George C. Bass

Jasper Bryant

William J. Ball

Needham Ball

Josiah Boone

Abram Ballard

Willis Ballard

Francis H. Beard

Harrison Bracey

Green Cameron

Erasmus Cameron

James R. Cowart

Andrew Clark

L. D. Cox

James Davis

Hosea Davis, Jr.

Simon Dover

Evan Dennison

Ransom Fulingim

F. W. Foxworth

A. E. Foxworth

Jesse L. Fortenberry

Alanson Forbes

John I. Grimsley

Lewis Guy

James Haywood

Warren Hammond

Elbert P. Hollins

Goven E. Hammond

Alfred Hammond

John Hobbs

James Howard

Jefferson Holmes

George Johnson

James Johnson

Samuel Lee

Thomas Land

William Lewis

Joseph S. C. Loe

James A. Luper

Daniel C. Mulford

Hugh McGowan

W. T. Morris

James A. Nichols

Eli Nelson

Romulus Orren

Levy Parnell

Calvin Pittman

John L. Pope

William Parnell

Everett Pope

Jackson Pounds

James W. Powell

William J. Ryals

Burwell Rouse

Elias Roach

Jesse Roach

William S. Regan, Jr.

Willis Regan

William Regan

William E. Rawls

John Sistrunk

John Sistrunk

William Sistrunk

George Singly

James Smith

John T. Sumrall

Ebenezer Slade

William Stringer

George C. Slade

J. C. Taylor

Elias Widden

Bryant Williamson

James Willoughby

William Willoughby

Wesley Willoughby

Warren Willoughby

Samuel Wallace

James M. Williams

William R. Williams

W. B. Webb

A. or N. B. Young

Captain Bradford’s Artillery

(Regiment not noted)

Carroll Kearney

William Russell

Captain Brent’s Company

38th Mississippi Regiment

David R. Sartin

James R. Sartin

Simeon Kearney

William Pigott

Charles Pigott

Elias Pigott

Captain Lamkin’s Company

33rd Mississippi Regiment (35th sic)

J. S. C. Lenoir

R. B. Felder

John A. Hammond

Lawrence Rifles

12th Mississippi Regiment

Whitmore Jelks

Hope Bridges

James Bridges

White Rifles

38th Mississippi Regiment

Henry T. Pope

James Parnell

Captain Slocomb’s Cavalry

Thomas W. Lott

John W. Regan

Bruce Pounds

Jesse Lott

John Lott

John Pigott

Joseph R. Regan

Luke Karnegay

Abram Karnegay

Jonas Branch

Levy Branch

Needham Branch

Isaac Pearson

Benjamin Lewis

Hansford Rowley

Seaborn Stobner, Jr.

Jesse Stogner

James Antony

Garland Rangers

38th Mississippi Regiment

C. P. Girtman

Captain Bickham’s Cavalry

R. W. Vince

Joseph Ard

Brandon Ryals

O. M. Hobgood

Covington Fencibiles

27th Mississippi Regiment

John W. McNeese

Captain Green’s Company

3rd Mississippi Regiment, 7th Mississippi Battalion

Hezekiah Rouse

William Hartfield

G. W. Hartfield

William Slade

Moses Fillingim

Absolom Slade

John Smith

James Fillingim

William Sumrall

George Sumrall

Daniel Slade

Jonathan Ladnier

Rutillus Ladner

Alexander ladner

J. G. Allen

H. Anderson

Eli Lee

Ransom Spikes

(James Turnage-at the end of the listing---3rd Mississippi Regiment only, no company)

Captain Magee’s Company

46th Mississippi Battalion

Winston Morris

Henry Moses

Zebedee Pace, Jr.

Marion Pace

Franklin Pace

Thomas Broom

Joseph Rowell

William Rowell

Thomas Rowell

Novel Bell

Ellis Watts

John G. Pace

Sheppard Herrin

Absolom Herrin

James Atwood

James Watts

Jasper Bond

William M. Pace, Jr.

Marion Cook

Elisha Stuckey

Steed’s Cavalry

Andrew Hartfield

James M. Pace

Christopher Burt

Charles S. Rouse

Jesse M. Lee

John Grantham

George Higganbotham

Alfred Luper

John Luper

George W. Bracey--Conscripted and sent to the Army of Virginia

William Morse

James T. Mulford

Merideth Broom

Wither’s Artillery

William Loe

Washington Pitts--Army of Virginia

Benjamin F. Graham

Alexander Broom --Conscripted and sent to the Army

W. G. Graham--Sgt. Camp of Instruction, Brookhaven, Mississippi

Elias Whidden--Conscripted and sent to the Army

Hugh Graham--Comscripted and sent to the Army

Oliver Howard

James M. Tyner

Calvin L. Ryals--Conscripted and sent to the Army

W. R. Lee

Edward Johnson

Lucus A. B. Pace

J. Loftin--Conscripted and sent to the Army

Franklin Hudson

Company G

3rd Brigade, 2nd Reg. Mississippi Militia

James Baxter

Thomas Broom

Nathan Baxter

Daniel Ball

Hardy Broom

M. A. Beard

M. H. Carlisle

S. R. Cox

H. H. Cook

William Dunaway

Elly Dearman

A. B. F. Forbes

William Fullingim

George FitzGerrald (copied as written)

Moses Grandberry

W. H. Graham

P. H. Holden

J. F. Hudson

Elijah Holmes

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Jarmon

Thomas Lott

James A. Lee

Eli Lee

W. A. Lenoir

Nathan Lott

Simpson Lawrence

Reuben Lott

Allen McDaniel

Richard Mathis

Seaborn Morris

Wiley Nelson

W. C. Nelson

Ambrose Peevy

N. W. Pittman

W. A. Polk

Jacob Pope

J. A. Pittman

Ransom Robertson

J. D. Robertson

John Rowell

John Reeves

William Railborn

Seaborn Stogner

W. R. Stogner

T. E. Stogner

John P. Stogner

John Spears

Sampaon Spike

Simon Singly

Samuel Slade

J. D. Singly

A. J. Terrell

T. C. Terry

J. T. Tannehill

Elisha Thompson

Robert Whiddon

James Wardine

William Wardine

John Wilks

Bennett Whiddon

Jesse Yawn

Joseph Youngblood

J. P. Barnes, Clerk of Court Marion County


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