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Prescott Family

MTDNA Project (checking ancestral heritage through the matriarchal line- the mother)

I am trying to start this particular project because my great grandfather, Nelson Abner Prescott, Sr., told me his grandmother was Indian. He is not the only Prescott to tell that story, and I when I kept hearing it, I thought I should try to check it out. Since we do not have a marriage certificate, Bible record, or any proof of who Luvenia was, the MTDNA test is the only way to try and determine what her heritage was. The only people who could take the test (a check swab with a special Q-tip) are the mother to daughter descendants of Luvenia Prescott. I am a descendant through Zachariah and Luvenia Prescott’s son, John P. Prescott. I do not qualify to take the MTDNA test because I am a descendant through a son, not a daughter, of Luvenia.

Looking for Female Descendants of Luvenia Prescott for MTDNA testing purposes to determine if she was of American Indian descent.

Luvenia unknown maiden Prescott (1823-1903) married Zachariah Prescott and lived in Marion County, Mississippi, near Morgantown and the Holly Springs Baptist Church. She and Zachariah came to Mississippi by way of Louisiana, and what was West Florida, at one time. They had family ties to Franklinton, Louisiana. Anyone wishing to add to the family file, or participate in this study can contact me by email: 
shannon AT
or by writing me at 245 Riverbend Road, Columbia, Mississippi 39429

Luvenia had two daughters so there are two lines of descent from Luvenia Prescott that can be used to determine if she was of Native American ancestry. The daughters of Luvenia are Gatsey Prescott Beard and Eliza Carolina Prescott Cothern. Only their daughters, and their daughters, and their daughters, etc. would be valid candidates for MTDNA testing to identify Luvenia Prescott’s ancestry. Whether you are a candidate or not, I would love to hear from you if you are a descendant of Zachariah and Luvenia Prescott or have something to share about this family.

Matriarchal Descent from Luvenia unknown maiden Prescott



Great granddaughter

Great-Great granddaughter

Great-Great-Great granddaughter

Gatsey Prescott Line

Gatsey Prescott  1861 – 1925
married Elisha P. Beard 1865 -1936
Marion County, Mississippi

Holly Beard 1887 – 1985 married Nelson F. Neal- 1890 – 1972
Marion County, Mississippi

Louisa Neal
Abt. 1920 Marion County, Mississippi









Lottie Beard
1889- 1958
Clemson D. Thornhill 1888-1985
Marion County, Mississippi

May Thornhill abt. 1927









Lucille E. Beard










Courtney Beard abt. 1900










Edna Beard abt. 1903










Ettie Beard abt. 1883 married John L. Thornhill
Marion County, Mississippi

Lecha Thornhill born 1902





Nettie Thornhill born 1904





Zella Ophelia Thorhill born abt. 1911 married Percy Evan Dunaway born abt. 1899 Marion County, Mississippi





Easter (Esther?)Thornhill
Born abt. 1906
Marion County, Mississippi









Ethel Beard 1897-1974
+Joseph Ado Thornhill 1886 – 1973
Marion County, Mississippi

Annie M. Thornhill born abt. 1915 Marion County, Mississippi





Rebel E. Thornhill born abt. 1919 married Joe Wesley Kemp born abt. 1916 Marion County, Mississippi

Dorothy Ann Kemp married Vernon Dunaway




Ruby Lee Thornhill born abt. 1921 married Johnnie Morgan born abt. 1920 Marion County, Mississippi

Sybil Lou Morgan married Toxie Donald Spiers




Mary Helen Thornhill born abt. 1930 married William Freeman Spiers
Marion County, Mississippi





Wilmar Thornhill born abt. 1926
Marion County, Mississippi









Hattie Beard 1885-1961 married George Smith born abt 1885
Marion County, Mississippi











Great granddaughter

Great-Great granddaughter

Great-Great-Great granddaughter

Eliza Caroline Prescott Line

Eliza Caroline Prescott 1857-1929
married Martin Cothern 1862-1911
Marion and Walthall Counties, Mississippi

 Earnestine Cothern born abt. 1887










Mimmie Cothern  1888 – 1923 married Harrison E. Greer  1881 – 1955
Marion County, Mississippi

Syntha Greer born abt. 1907









Thelma Cothern born abt. 1900










Lottie Cothern born abt. 1891









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