Spence Cemetery

Founded circa 1893

Cemetery located in Salem, Walthall Co., MS, off of Hwy. 27.
Township 3N  Range 11E  Section 17,  SW ¼ of SW ¼
Latitude 31^ 13’13”   Longitude –90^ 07’ 14”


Transcribed by Christopher H. Beard October, 2009

Name                             Birth                    Death         Other Inscriptions       
Brumfield, Cecil Albert          3-1-1929                      8-23-1997      U.S. Army
(Comment: son of Willie Albert Brumfield and Mary Etta Boyd)

Brumfield, Patsy M.               10-30-1929                  9-30-1999
(Comment: Patsy Ruth McKenzie; not yet deceased; wife of Cecil Brumfield; daughter of Robert “Bob” McKenzie and Ruby L. Rushing)
Barkley, Hal Marsh                 11-27-1929                  9-4-1976           Married 6-4-1965
Barkley, Syble S.                    3-7-1946         
(Comment:  not yet deceased; Daughter of Ottis Spence and Eunice Wallace)
Spence, Ottis                           5-1-1908                      7-12-1975
(Comment: son of Estelle Pigott)

Spence, Eunice W.                  3-17-1914                    5-26-1999
(Comment: Eunice Wallace, wife of Ottis Spence)
Pittman, Willie L.                    1-28-1924                    8-22-1995      
U.S. Navy; WWII (Comment: husband of Eva Nell Spence)

Piiman, Eva Nell Spence         6-30-1934            (Comment: not yet deceased)
Kellerher, James L.                 10-2-1917                    6-13-1994

Kellerher, Nell H.                    8-12-1924                    8-09-2009 
(Comment: Willie “Nell” Hart;  wife of James L. Kellerher;  daughter of  Willie V. Hart and Bessie Marbury)
Kellerher, Richard                   1948                            2007       
(Comment: son of James L. Kellerher and Nell Hart)
Jones, Daniel L. infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Q.L. Jones
(Comment: son of  Quinea Lewis Jones and Rosa Inez van Norden)
Moore, Beaulah Mae Duncan 4-13-1915                    2-7-1951 
(Comment: wife of Frank Moore; daughter of  Dewitt Duncan and Emma Marbury)
Duncan, Dewitt                      1884                            1956       
(Comment: first name was William; son of
William James Duncan and Susan Abagail  Spence)

Duncan, Emma                       1885                            1964       
(Comment: middle name was Olivia; daughter of Jake Marbury and Lona Beard)
Smith, W.P.                             4-29-1928                    12-23-1990     
Corp. U.S. Marine Corps  
married 4-20-1965
(Comment: William Perry “Pete” Smith; son of Kirby General Smith and Edna Jane Spence)

Smith, Ann Avera                   1-14-1937        
(Comment: not yet deceased; wife of Pete Smith)
Hart, Shane LaRon                 3-27-1969                    4-20-1970 
(Comment: son of Ronald C. Hart)
Hart, Ronald C.                      7-10-1940                    10-6-2001 (Comment: Ronald Christoher Hart, son of
Willie V. Hart & Bessie Marbury)

Hart, Ronald Christopher, Jr.
(Comment: no marker; died August 2006; cremated and ashes buried at his father’s grave)
Hart, Bessie M.                       1904                            1977         
(Comment: Bessie Marbury; born 5-23-1904, died 9-14-1977; daughter of Christopher “Nelson” Marbury and Celia Angeline  “Celie” Spence)

Hart, Willie V.                                    1891                            1968         
(Comment: middle name was Vanransler; born 2-16-1891 died 2-28-1968; husband of Bessie Marbury; son of William Jefferson Hart and Lourine Harrington)
Hammon, Betty L.                  1-13-1928                    12-17-1994 
(Comment: Betty Lou Hart)

Mizell, Lillian O.                     12-15-1925                  11-24-1957 
(Comment: Lillian Olivia Hart; wife of James C. Mizell)
(Comment: Betty and Lillian were daughters of Willie V. Hart and Bessie Marbury)
Toney, Johnny                         7-31-1943                    7-31-1943       
infant son of Noal & Juanita
(Comment: Noal is son of Wm. Emmett Toney & Martha “Corine” Jones, the dau. of Eliza Spence & Bud Jones)
Marbury, Wildon Talmadge    7-7-1923                      7-7-1924         
son of Virgil & Corine Marbury
Marbury, Lona Beard             4-8-1856                      1-11-1946 
(Comment: Filonie Levesty Beard; wife of Jake Marbury; daughter of Christopher D. Beard and Mary Ann Thornhill)
Marbury, Jacob Nelson           3-12-1851                    1-2-1920  
(Comment: husband of Lona Beard)
Marbury, Christopher Nelson  5-3-1882                     3-13-1957 
(Comment: son of Jake Marbury and Lona  Beard)
Marbury, Celia Spence            3-14-1881                    8-23-1945  
(Comment: wife of Nelson Marbury;daughter of Quinea Lewis Spence and
Maranda Jane Duncan)
Christopher K. Mingledorff   10-31-1986   
(Comment: not yet deceased; son of Karen Beard & Lewis Edward Mingledorff)
Karen Lynn Beard                  7-24-1956     
(Comment: not yet deceased; daughter of Harold E. Beard and  Daisy V. Brumfield)
Morse, Thomas Stephen          5-9-1953                                             
married 8-16-1974

Morse, Brenda Beard              3-13-1954       
(Comment: neither Tommy or Brenda or deceased;  
Tommy is son of Vernie Lee Morse, Jr. and Evelyn Dawson; Brenda is daughter of Harold E. Beard and Daisy V. Brumfield)

Beard, Christopher Harold     2-10-1949       
(Comment: not yet deceased; son of Harold E. Beard and Daisy V. Brumfield)
Beard, Harold E.                     3-4-1928                      12-14-2007    
married 10-19-1946
(Comment: son of William Laney “Willie” Beard and Rosa “Mae” Fussell)

Beard, Daisy B.                      8-4-1929         
(Comment: Daisy V. Brumfield; not yet deceased; wife of Harold Beard; daughter of Samuel O. Brumfield and Edith Otera Pigott)

Kemp, Milton                          4-29-1907                    1-15-1971      
married 5-28-1932
(Comment: son of William Wesley Kemp and Sarah Angeline “Sally” Jones)

Kemp, Edith P.                       5-23-1911                    11-2-1997   
(Comment: first husband was Sam Brumfield, second husband was Milton “Mitt” Kemp; she was duahgter of Albert Webb Pigott and Ettie Olivia Spence)   
Kemp, Milton S.                     8-21-1943       
(Comment: not yet deceased; middle name is Sherwood; son of Mitt Kemp and Edith Pigott)

Kemp, Ruby L.                       7-16-1944       
(Comment: Ruby Lainfiesta; not yet deceased; wife of Sherwood Kemp)
Seybold, Madren Kemp          1-1-1935         
(Comment: not yet deceased; daughter of Mitt Kemp and Edith Pigott)

Seybold, Summa Caldwell     7-20-1932      
(Comment: not yet deceased; husband of Madren Kemp; son of Oscar C. Seybold and Mary Alice Caldwell)
Crouch, Linda Jean                 6-4-1955                      6-6-1955 
(Comment: daughter of Madren Kemp and first husband, William “Bill” Crouch)
Morris, Denford Lee               11-12-1923                  9-14-2000       
married 6-10-1950
(Comment: son of William B. Morris and Dottie Mae Spence)

Morris, Willene J.                    12-8-1933                    5-27-1998 
(Comment: Margaret “Willene” Jenkins; wife of Denford Morris; daughter of
Robert Jenkins and Laura Fairburn)
Jones, Leola M.                       5-5-1902                      12-20-1930
(Comment: wife of William Thomas “Tom” Jones; daughter of Tommie Spence and
Ella Marbury)
Morris, Dottie S.                     12-13-1899                  2-5-1965    (Comment: wife of William B. Morris;
daughter of Tommie Spence and
Ella Marbury)
Bowman, Clarence D.             9-2-1895                      12-1-1978 

Bowman, Ida S.                      4-3-1904                      6-5-1978 
(Comment: wife of Clarence Bowman; daughter of Tommie Spence and Ella Marbury)
Spence, Percy                          4-18-1910                    6-13-1910 
(Comment: son of Tommie Spence and Ella Marbury)
Spence, Hollie                         3-15-1897                    11-19-1899
(Comment: daughter of Tommie Spence and Ella Marbury)
Spence, Ella                            10-23-1975                  4-19-1910 
(Comment: daughter of Jake Marbury andLona Beard)

Spence, T.W.                           6-9-1872                      2-28-1939 
(Comment: Thomas W. “Tommie” Spence; husband of Ella Marbury; son of William
Washington Spence and Susan Ann Brown)
Jordan, Warren E.                   6-19-1922                    7-1-1980         
Pvt. U.S. Army – World War II
(Comment:  husband of Wilda Pearl Sandifer, the daughter of Wyatt Sandifer and
Martha “Flora” Spence)
Sandifer, Wyatt                      9-11-1899                    8-2-1983 
(Comment: son of William M. Sandifer and Harriett McMorris)

Sandifer, Flora S.                    2-2-1902                      3-2-1987
(wife of Wyatt Sandifer; daughter of Quinea Lewis Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)
Sandifer, Katie E.                   7-14-1931                    7-20-1931 
(Comment: daughter of Wyatt Sandifer and Flora Spence)
Pigott, Glen A.                        3-29-1926                    2-13-1992       
U.S. Navy – World War II
(Comment: middle name was Albert; son of Albert Webb Pigott and Ettie Olivia Spence)
Pigott, Albert W.                    1-12-1884                    4-3-1960 
(Comment: son of Samuel Franklin “Frank” Pigott and Mary Sumpter “Summie”

Pigott, Ettie S.                                    10-19-1891                  5-15-1973
(Comment: Ettie Olivia Spence, wife of Albert Pigott; daughter of Quinea Lewis Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)
Pigott, Lora Pearl                    11-4-1924                    11-24-1924
(Comment: daughter of Albert Pigott and Ettie Spence)
Cothern, Viola P.                    8-17-1909                    12-7-1985 
(Comment: Viola Mae Pigott; wife of Needham “Luther” Cothern; daughter of Albert Pigott and Ettie Spence)
Pigott, Winfred Claude          4-7-1918                      3-20-1984 
(Comment: son of Albert Pigott and Ettie Spence)

Pigott, Tilma Cecile L.            3-26-1921       
(Comment: Tilma Lowe; not yet deceased; wife of Winfred Pigott; daughter of Charles Franklin “Charlie” Lowe and Lourena “Shug” Mulford)
Spence, Walter H.       8-31-1874                    2-2-1949 
(Comment: Walter Howard Spence, son of William Washington Spence and Susan Ann Brown)
Pigott  infant son of Leon and Alma Spence Pigott
(b and d c1916)
O’Quin, Eva P.                       1868                            1945 
(Comment: Eva “Pink” O’Quin)
O’Quin, Oscar David              12-11-1887                  12-5-1903       
son of E.P.
(Comment: son of Pink O’Quin)
Spence, William W.                5-19-1827                    10-24-1920
(Comment: son of William Spence and Phoebe “Faraby” Grubbs)
Spence, Susan B.                    8-18-1836                    1-31-1903  
(Comment: Susan Ann Brown; wife of William W. Spence; daughter of Daniel M. Brown and Catherine Rooks)
Duncan, Olema                       1908                            1982   
(Comment: Olema Morris; born 8-24-1908 died April 1982; wife of James “Wesley” Duncan; daughter of John Morris and Betty Jane Barnes)
Duncan, Wesley                      1890                            1975 
(Comment: James “Wesley” Duncan; born 10-23-1890 died 6-28-1975; son of
William James “Billy” Duncan and Susan Abagail “Abbie” Spence)
Duncan, Susan A.                   3-25-1866                    2-3-1943 
(Comment: Susan Abagail “Abbie” Spence; daughter of William Washington Spence
and Susan Ann Brown)
Duncan, Marshall                    1-1-1895                      9-23-1913
(Comment: son of Billy & Abbie Spence Duncan)
Duncan, W.J.                          2-19-1861                    5-3-1943 
(Comment: William James “Billy” Duncan; husband of Abbie Spence; son of
James Pinkney Duncan and Martha Ann Walker)
Pigott, O D                             8-23-1914                    8-31-2003       
married 10-14-1937
(Comment: son of Albert Webb Pigott and Ettie Olivia Spence)

Pigott, Myrtle B.                     11-21-1919                  2-4-1998
(Comment: Myrtle Fay Boyd; wife of O D Pigott; daughter of Dewitt Lee Boyd and
Euna Olivia Johnson)
Pigott, Gene A, Sr.                 7-30-1938                                           
married 6-29-1964
(Comment: not yet deceased; Gene Austin Pigott; son of O D Pigott and Myrtle Boyd)

Pigott, Bonnie M.                   10-4-1946
(Comment: not yet deceased; Bonnie Mason; wife of Gene Austin Pigott; daughter of Edgar John Mason and Lois Eunibell Letchworth)
Spence, Ellis A.                       7-15-1900                    8-6-19194 
(Comment: son of Quinea Lewis Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)

Spence, Ada K.                       11-13-1902                  12-30-1987
(Comment: Ada Mae Kemp; wife of Ellis Spence; daughter of William Wesley
“Willie” Kemp and Sarah Angeline “Sally” Jones)
Lucky, Jason S.                       8-8-1976                      4-6-1995  
Son of Jimmy Lucky and Glenda P. Lucky
Spence, D. Leroy                    3-6-1893                      7-11-1893       
son of Q.L. & M.J. Spence
(Comment: Dewitt Leroy Spence; son of Quinea Lewis Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)
Spence, Luther O.                   12-23-1895                  1-11-1898       
son of Q.L. & M.J. Spence
(Comment: Luther Oliver Spence; son of Quinea Lewis Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)
Spence, Joseph Q.                   3-25-1883                   4-29-1903
(Comment: Joseph Quinea “Jody” Spence; husband of Estelle Pigott; son of Quinea Lewis Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)
Spence, Q.L.                                       8-7-1856                     1-26-1923        “Remember me as you pass by,
As you are now
so once was I,
As I am now
soon you will be,
Prepare for death       
and follow me.”
(Comment: Quinea Lewis Spence; son of  William Washington Spence and Susan Ann Brown)

Spence, Maranda Jane Duncan  1-29-1859                7-6-1932
(Comment:  wife of Q.L. Spence; daughter of James Pinkney Duncan and Martha Ann Walker)
Spence, John L.                       4-19-1885                    5-22-1965 
(Comment: “Johnny” Lewis Spence; son of Q.L. Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)
Beard, Emma Mae                  8-10-1898                    6-20-1899  
(Comment: daughter of Calvin Beard and Mollie Spence)
Ratliff, William Creton           10-7-1907                    5-7-1969 
(Comment: son of Albert Richard Ratliff and Barbara “Alice” Johnson)
Ratliff, O’Tera Olevia S.        11-26-1905                  5-12-1991
(Comment: wife of Creton Ratliff; daughter of Hosea Oliver Spence and 
Mary Magdaline “Mollie” Jones)
Spence, Mary M.                     4-28-1874                    5-31-1964
(Comment: Mary Magdaline “Mollie” Jones; daughter of Marion Harvey Jones and
Mary Ann “Annie” Gartman)
Spence, Murray L.                  11-2-1895                    10-10-1911
(Comment: Murray Lewis Spence; son of Hosea Oliver Spence and Mary Magdaline “Mollie” Jones)
Spence, Hosea O.                    6-15-1877                    8-10-1940 
(Comment: husband of Mollie Jones; son of Q.L. Spence and Maranda Jane Duncan)
Spence, Mary Louise              12-24-1922                  1-20-1923 
(Comment: daughter of Earney Dewey Spence and Kathleen Hicks and grandaughter of  Hosea O. Spence and Mollie Jones)
Morris, James Ottis                 10-20-1937                  7-28-1981
Morris, Ralph Lee                   9-26-1961                    1-1-1987
Morris, Clara Mae Edenfield  11-22-1941                  5-14-2004
Corn, Wilbur Edward             9-15-1923                    9-19-1984

Corn, Hazel Faye                    12-4-1934       
(Comment: not yet deceased; wife of Wilbur Corn; daughter of Hezekiah “Hezzie” Dunaway and  Thelma Margaret Rushing)
Friar, Ettie Willene Dunaway 4-24-1940                    10-15-2007 
(Comment: daughter of Hezzie Dunaway and Thelma Margaret Rushing)
McKenzie, Milton                  4-4-1916                      11-26-1979    
married 7-13-1940
(Comment: son of James “Coney” McKenzie and Lizzie Beard)
McKenzie, Lola M.               4-17-1922                       2-1-2000 
(comment: wife of Milton McKenzie)     
 Beard, Lucia Lucille              4-15-1913                    4-29-1914 
(Comment: possible grand daughter of Calvin and Molly Spence Beard)
-grave of infant-                                  (Comment:  no markings)
-grave of infant-                                  (Comment:  no markings; tombstone broken off)
Keating, Willis E.                    5-22-1913                    6-15-1975

Keating, Dollie Mae M.          7-30-1921                    August 1997 
(Comment: Dollie Morris; wife of Willis Keating; and daughter of William B. Morris
and Dottie Mae Spence)
Keating, Maurice Alvin          5-26-1918                    6-17-1981       
(Comment: brother of Willis Keating)


































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