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Marion County Courthouse

Marion County Chancery Court
Marion County Courthouse
250 Broad Street, Columbia, MS 39429
Phone: 601-736-2691 Fax: 601-444-0206
Middle of Columbia- you can't miss it!

Reviewed by Shannon Gorman Oct 2008

The staff of the Chancery and Circuit courts are fabulous. They are helpful, and patient, very patient. I met four hard working intelligent women who were not only professional, they were happy and welcoming. I spent three long days inside the courthouse, and they were always gracious and kind. I went from one office to another, and I was not alone, there were quite a few people in both areas. The Ladies of the Court are more than capable, they are stellar. You do need to do your own research, as they have to do their own work to do, but they will point you in the right direction with a wonderful smile. The Chancery Clerk took was away at a meeting for two of the days I was in the courthouse, but he returned and stopped by to speak to me, and several other people who were using the courthouse records. He is very knowledgeable about the history of Marion County. When an elderly woman was having trouble with a computer, he stopped and helped her find the property record before he went on his way to his next meeting.

Reviewed by Shannon Gorman July 2007

I found the staff to be as welcoming and helpful as they were three years ago, which is to say they are VERY easy to work with. The records that most people will want are kept in open, and easy to access. Being this is a functioning courthouse, there is no where to just sit and work on your personal family history, so you need a strong back to stand for a long time reading old books! What is so wonderful is that you have access to the actual records, so for those researchers who are used to only relying on online resources, this will be an exciting change. The courthouse staff was willing to make copies and took the time to talk to me about the possibility of copying a few of the really old record books and donating them to the Marion County Historical Society.


Marion County Library
900 Broad Street
Columbia, Mississippi, 39429

Reviewed by Shannon Gorman Oct 2008

The genealogy reading room was empty the Saturday I was there. Which was great for me, as I could spread out my notes and read, and copy, and type- all the things I love to do. I found several new books, the most exciting one being a three volume set on the Civil War. I was able to find the roster of soldiers that served with one of my great-great grandfathers. I wish I could have spent more time, as there are enough resources to have kept me busy for days. The assistant librarian was very helpful and friendly. I was looking for pictures of the original library that had been a home before the new library was built. I was allowed to look through a file of old pictures, and found a few that I wanted to use on the website. I was allowed to stay right up until closing time, no pressure even though I think I was the last person to leave. The file cabinets are beginning to fill up with family data that has been left there by various people using the genealogy reading room, so be sure to stop by and look to see if they have anything on your ancestors. If you are from Marion County, you will probably really enjoy the photograph book published by the Marion County Historical Society in 1999. Very few words, but very powerful images, a great story told with pictures of the history of Marion County.

Reviewed by Shannon Gorman July 2007

The library has a genealogy reading room, with two file cabinets for storing paper copies of family history research. Most of the files are empty. It appears the small effort to go to the front desk to make copies is too great so a few lazy people are just taking files out of the file cabinet. The door is kept locked, but there is not a genealogy library staff member and there is no monitoring of the collection. I went to the library three days in a row, and the only assistance I was offered was a key to the reading room.When I asked to speak to the person in charge of the genealogy collection, I was told there was no such person. I did inquire a few other places regarding the genealogy research collection, and was told several times that there used to be a lot more books, and family information, but that the people who were sustaining the interest in the collection have gotten old and the collection is slowly vanishing.

The book collection includes, but is not limited to cemetery and census records; Daughters of the American Revolution resource books; as well as a few books on the local prominent surnames. A real plus is the compilation of Dell Clawson's articles written about 20 years ago that cover a lot of the common local surnames.

There is room for improvement, but it is a good place to start your research. There is no online access in the reading room, and to make copies you have to go to the front desk. There a wide variety of reading material available, and this could be a great genealogy collection with a little work. I would suggest a coin fed copy machine be made available in the genealogy reading room. If there is a local volunteer minded researcher in Columbia, the library really needs your guidance. There is great potential here, all that is needed is someone who cares.


Family History Center
805 West Lakeview Drive
Columbia, Mississippi 39429
Phone- 601-736-5846
Hours- 4:30-7:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Reviewed by Shannon Gorman July 2007

I found the staff to be friendly and willing to work with individuals. The Family History Center is staffed by volunteers who will assist you in completing your family research. They will help fill in the gaps as best they can, but it is still up to you to provide basic information to them. The Church of the Later Day Saints is in the process of compiling the information currently found online, and contributed by individuals, into a new searchable database. There is free software that will need to be installed, and you will need online access to utilize this new database. The name of the software is Path 5.

When you go to the Family History Center the first time, you will be given a chart to take home and fill out with as much of your family history information as you can, or wish to share. You will be offered access to free genealogy classes given at the Family History Center. The only downside that may bother some people is that they will keep a copy of your research. This is done to help other researchers, who will have access to your information once it is entered into the LDS database. I do not know if they hide information on living persons, but it is a good question to ask if you are including your descendants in your research.

I asked about the verification of information given to them by individuals, and they stated they tried to verify the information, but had to rely on the honesty of the people submitting the information to them. I would verify everything myself, but you should do that regardless of the source of the information.

I think it is worth the time to visit the Family History Center and see what information they may already have on your ancestors. If you do choose to work with them, they will give you a nicely organized book of your personal family history when it is complete.


Marion County Historical Society
200 Second Avenue, Suite 3
Columbia, Mississippi 39429
Phone- 601-731-3999
Call for hours


Reviewed by Shannon Gorman July 2007

This is mainly a museum, with a tremendous collection of literature on the War Between the States. In recent years they have been given manuscripts, photographs and books relating to family history. They have started a collection, and are very willing to share what they have. If you are interested in researching your Revolutionary War ancestors, this is a great place to visit. Ask for Mrs. Virginia Crain, a very gracious woman, who is a member of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Marion County Mississippi Genealogical Society

A digital repository for all things genealogical pertaining to Marion and surrounding counties. The web site is free, no log on, no user name, no passwords, no banners or pop ups or advertising.

To make submissions, or request research assistance, email Shannon Gorman



South Mississippi Genealogical & Historical Society

PO Box 15271
Hattiesburg, MS  39404-5271


The South Mississippi Genealogical and Historical Society meets at 7:00 PM the first Tuesday of each month at 107 South Park Avenue, Hattiesburg, MS. The meeting room and library are located in the rear part of the Hattiesburg Water Dept. Bldg in the edge of Kamper Park. On rare occasion the date for a meeting is moved or canceled in which case a notice will be posted.

The Library of the South Mississippi Genealogical and Historical  is open each Saturday morning from 9am to 12 noon except on major holidays. It is also open at 6pm before each meeting. Appointments at other times can be arranged by calling the librarian at 601 271-8803.

It contains a modest collection of books and journals with emphasis on data from counties of South Mississippi.  It now houses the Genealogy collection from the Library of Hattiesburg-Petal-Forrest County.

Visitors are welcome. 

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