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Catherine Willoughby filed a claim for a sorrel mare and large fat cow that were taken by General Davidson's calvary in December 1863 when they camped outside Columbia, Mississippi on their way to Mobile, Alabama.
Claim Number: 12389
Claim Date: 16 Mar 1872
Page: 1
Roll Number: 042
Collection Title: Southern Claims Commission
The claim was disallowed, as it was determined Mrs. Willoughby was regarded as disloyal to the Union. All of her sons joined the Confederate Army at the beginning of the War and served the entire war. Fielding K. Willoughby was killed in action in Nashville. Returning home after the war were James, John, William and Warren, and Theodore.

Not found by by the Union court was the Confederate Civilian Service record of her husband, who had a contract to deliver mail to the troops.

Her application for compensation, as those of Martha Rankin, Irvin Fortenberry, John Foxworth, Willis Loe (Lowe), John Ponder and Jefferson Orr were all denied.

Catherine Willoughby Southern Claims Commission application

Rodolphus Willoughby Confederate Record


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