1813 Marion-Lawrence County Tax List  
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Alen, Gabriel (Allen?)
Algood, Wyatt
Allen, Barnebus
Anderson, Catherine
Anderson, William
Andrews, James
Applewhite, John
Ard, James
Arledge, Ison
Armstrong, Henry
Armstrong, John
Bacot, Laban (Labourn Biccoat was original spelling)
Baley, Benjamin (Bailey?)
Baley, Thomas
Ball, E. Sampson
Balord, James (Ballard?)
Balord, John
Barbee, Samuel
Barber, William
Barksdale, Collier
Barksdale, Abner
Barnet, Peter (Barnett?)
Barnwell, William
Barret, George (Barrett?)
Batson, Peter
Batson, James
Batson, Seth
Batson, Thomas
Beard, William
Bell, Eleaszer
Bell, Jesse
Bond, Henry
Bond, James
Bond, John
Bond, Robert
Bond, William
Bracey, William
Brasel, Benjamin
Brent, John, Jr.
Brent, John, Sr.
Brown, Daniel
Buckelow John, Jr.
Bullin, Williams
Bullock, James
Bullock, Silas
Bullock, William
Butler, Luke
Cagle, John
Calwell, Joseph (Caldwell?)
Cannaday, Benjamin
Caok, Green (Coke?)
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, William
Carter, Alen
Carter, Isaacc
Carter, Jacob
Carter, Mikel
Carter, Samuel
Carter, William
Chapman, Abner
Cleaveland, David
Clower, John
Coal, Solomon (Cole?)
Coleman, Henry
Cook, Lewis
Cook, Thomas
Cooper, Hambleton (Cooper, Hamilton?)
Cooper, John
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, William
Coor, John
Cossy, Solomon
Cothran, Acee (Cothern?)
Craford, William (Crawford?)
Croft, Jessy
Crueye, Henry
Cuttrer, John
Daughtry, Enos
Davis, Daniel
Davison, John (Davidson?)
Deer, John (Deere, Dear?
Dickerson, Caleb
Dickerson, Henry
Dilling, Clarkston
Dilling, Richard
Dukes, Jessey
Dukes, Simon
Dunkley, Richard
Dunnihoe, Daniel (Dunahoe?)
Dunnihoe, William
Earle, William
East, William
Edmonson, Amos
Ellet, William
Ellis, John
Ellis, Owen
Ellison, William
Fan, Joseph (Fenn?)
Fanhill, Loften
Farmer, William
Fatheree, Levi
Fielder, Peter (Felder?)
Finley, Nicholes
Ford John
Ford Joseph
Ford, David
Ford, Preserved
Ford, Solomon
Foxworth, Stephen M.
Gale, Josiah
Gale, Robert
Gales, James
Garner, Vinson
Gibson, James
Gill, James
Ginn, Jepthy
Glass, John
Goff, Nathaniel
Golman, Beedy
Graham, William
Graves, Isaac
Graves, William
Green, Ephraim
Green, John
Green, Leonord
Green, William
Hailes, Henry
Haines, Noble
Hall, Alexander
Harbert, William (Herbert?)
Hartzog, George (Hertzog?)
Harvery, Thomas, Jr.
Harvey, John
Harvey, John, II
Harvey, Michael
Harvey, Nehemiah
Harvey, Thomas
Heard, Thomas
Helton, John
Henyard, James
Hilbourn, Vaughn (Hillborn?)
Hill, Harday
Hines, David
Hinson, John
Holingsworth, Isaac (Hollingsworth?)
Holliday, Ayres
Honey Honea, Wilks
Honey, Thomas
Honley, Josiah
Honley, Robert
Hope, James
Hover, Christian
Howard, William
Howell, Lewis
Hubart, David
Isaac, Elijah
Jacob, Walter
James, Peter
Jinkins, William (Jenkins?)
Johns, John
Johnston, George
Johnston, Nathaniel
Jonbins, Allen
Jones, Benjamin (Sones?)
Jones, Britton
Kees, Perry
King, David
King, Jessey
Kirkland, Obediah
Kitchens, Jonathan
Kitchens, Joseph
Kitchens, Phillip
Lain, Joseph
Lard, Thomas (Laird?)
Lee, James
Lenor, B. Francis (Lenoir?)
Lewis, Baley
Lewis, Joseph
Lincon, John
Long James
Lott, Absolom
Lott, John
Lott, John-heir of
Lott, Luke
Lott, Simon
Lott, William
Lott, William J.
Lott, Williams
Love, Robert
Love, William
Low, John (Lowe?)
Mackenutty, James (McNulty?)
Mackenutty, William
Macknutty, John
Macknutty, Robert
Magee, George
Magee, Henry
Magee, Jacob
Magee, Jacob
Magee, John
Magee, Nehemiah
Magee, Phillip
Magee, Willis
Martin, Aaron
Martin, Cornelius
Martin, Elijah
Martin, Josiah
Martin, Phillemon
Mathews, John (Matthews?)
Maxwell, Jesse
May, Benjamin
May, James
May, John
May, Joseph
May, Thomas
McCrary, Matthew (McCreary?)
McGlaughlin, Dougel
Mcgowen, James
Mcgowen, Robert
Mcgowen, William
Mcgraw, David
Mcgraw, David, Jr.
Mcgraw, Lomeless
Mcgrew, James
McGruffy, John
McKenney, Daniel
McKenney, David
McNaly, James (McNally?)
Merrito, Joel
M'gee, Daniel (McGee?)
M'gee, John
Michaeal, Edward (McHale?)
Michael, Elizabeth
Micheal, James
Micheal, John
Micketton, Robert (Middleton?)
Miles, William
Miller, Jacob
Miller, William
Mills, William
Mitcheal, Wright (Mitchell?)
Mixon, Cornelius
Mixon, Jessy
Mixon, Vinson
Mixon, William
Morgan, David
Morris, Nathan (Moree?)
Newsom, Fredrick
Nixon, G. Henry
Noble, Stephen
Norman, Presley
Odem, Richard (Odum?)
Odem, William
Oneel, Ranson (O'Neal, Ransom)
Owens, Thomas
Pace, William
Parker, Aaron
Parkman, Cranshaw (Parkman, Crenshaw)
Pepper, Samuel
Perkins, James
Perkins, Reese
Perkins, Samuel
Phillip, James
Pope, Jacob
Preascoat, Ephrain (Prescott, Ephraim)
Preascoat, Nathen (Prescott, Nathan)
Preascoot, Willis (Prescott, Willis)
Price, Stephen
Quin, Daniel
Quin, Henry
Quin, Hugh
Quin, Peter
Rabourn, James (Rayborn?)
Ragland, Henry
Ratliff, John
Readman, Zachariah (Redman?)
Rials, Charles (Ryals?)
Rials, George
Richard, Ross
Riley, M. Joseph
Robert, James
Roberts, James
Robertson, Nathen
Rolle, James
Rolls, Benjamin (Rawls?)
Rolls, Briant
Ross, John
Runnels, Harden
Runnels, Harmon
Runnels, Howell W.
Russell, John
Sadler, Isaac
Savage, Arther
Scarborough, David
Seale, Josiah
Seals, Daniel
Sertain, John (Sartin, Sartain?)
Shanckle, Abraham
Sim, W. G.
Simmons, James
Simmons, James, Sr.
Simmons, John
Simmons, Ralph
Simmons, Richard
Simmons, Willis
Sims, Nathan
Slaughter, Davis
Slaughter, John
Slaughter, Richard
Slaughter, Robert
Slaughter, William
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Eli
Smith, Gedion
Smith, George
Smith, Henry
Smith, Isham, Jr.
Smith, Isham, Sr.
Smith, Jeremiah
Smith, John
Smith, Levy
Smith, Nathan
Smith, Richard
Smith, Stephen
Smith, William, Sr.
Smith, William, Sr.
Somner, Owen (Summer?)
Sparks, Richard
Sparks, William
Spencer, William
Squires, William
Stallings, John
Starling, Allen
Starling, John
Stein, Nathaniel (Steen?)
Stein, Robert (Steen?)
Stigler, James
Stovall, John
Strother, John
Summer, Jacob (Sumerlin?)
Summeral, David (Sumrall?)
Summeral, Levy
Summeral, Thomas
Taber, Isaac
Taylor, John
Terrell, Timothy
Thompson, Jesse
Thompson, Swan
Thornhill, William
Tillage, James
Tillis, Temple (Tullos?)
Tilliss, Willeby (Tullos?)
Tines, Fleming (Tynes)
Tines, Miner (Tynes)
Toosing, Paul
Towler, Henry (Towles?)
Traylor, Landel (Traynor?)
Tribble, Spilsby
Varnado, Leonard
Varnado, Moses
Varnado, Samuel
Wainright, John
Warran, John (Warren?)
Warran, John, Jr.
Warran, Penelope
Warren, Joseph
Watson, William
Weathersbey, Isaam (Isham Weathersby?)
Welch, James
Wells, Nathaniel
Westfall, Samuel
Whiteheard, William (Whitehead?)
Williams, Nehemiah
Williams, Rueben
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, Samuel
Windall, William


































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