Marion County Mississippi Genealogy Society Newsletter
First Year Theme: Two Hundred Years- Who, What, When and Where
Newsletter Infrastructure:
There will be a section for asking for help with research in the area.
There will be a section for spotlighting Marion County Citizens and their contributions to the county.
There will be a section for old Photographs and Postcards.
There will be a section for Research Projects- identifying who is working on what so we can help one another.
There will be a section for student contributions
There will be a section for Senior contributions- first person interviews with persons over age 85 who are Marion County citizens
There will be a section on businesses, economic issues, and events of historical interest.
Deadline to submit articles for first edition is 1 Dec 2012.
Please use spell check and  have someone else read your submission before you send it to me. Editors can be your best friend, your spouse, your teacher, anyone willing to read it before you send it to me.
There is no financial compensation gained or offered by the Marion County Mississippi Genealogy Society. The website is free of advertising, and the Marion County Mississippi Genealogy Society has no dues. No money in, no money out.
Pictures must be identified by photographer or if no known photographer, by owner of photograph, and if no owner, by where you obtained the photograph.
Bible records need to be identified by who has possession of the Bible now, or who was the last person who had possession of the Bible.
Sources are important. If you are not sure how to source your submissions, please write down where you obtained the information, the date you obtained the information, and any titles, volume numbers, page numbers or authors. 
The Sources are what help other people find out more about the subject, and they give credit to the people who did the research on which you are basing your article.
  Submit to Marion County Mississippi Genealogy Society. Type the article into the email or send it by attachment as a Word document. The final newsletter edition will be a security locked PDF that will allow saving, viewing and printing only. Editing and changing after publication will not be possible. No paper copies will be provided. Digital copies only will be available by  
Ideas for articles:
If you had ancestors in the area, write about where they came from, where they went, what their occupation was, how they traveled, where they went to church, how the made their clothes, what they ate, etc.
If you did not have ancestors in the area before 1830, write about the Pearl River and the role it played in bringing people to the area; or the impact settlers had on the local Indian tribes; or why belonging to a church so important to the survival of the early settlers; or draw a map of the area pre-statehood.








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