American Revolutionary War Patriot Thomas Miles has many descendants in Mississippi.

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Alford, Ball, Bonner, Curtis, Holmes, Huffman, Kaigler, Lowe. Miles, Norman, Pearson, Pillow, Quin, Sheppard, Tyler, Walker, Williams, Willoughby

Nancy Miles Kaigler, was recently proven to be the grand daughter of American Revolutionary War Patriot, Thomas Miles. Nancy Miles was the daughter of Hartwell Miles and Mary Pillow.  In 1816, she married David Kaigler in Williamson County, Tennessee. They moved to Wilkinson County, Mississippi, where she died in 1821, leaving two small children, William and Isabella. David Kaigler, their father, took them back to Tennessee to live with Nancy’s parents. David Kaigler died four years after their mother, leaving Isabella and William to be raised by family members.
The children were returned to Mississippi, and both Isabella and William made their homes in Pike County, Mississippi.  On June 17, 1835, the Woodville Republican newspaper mentions John Kaigler, late quardian of Isabella Kaiger now Isabella Coney. Isabella Kaigler married Louis Newsom Coney and had four sons, three of whom died in the Civil War. Louis N. Coney died young as well, leaving Isabella a widow with the four boys to raise. Isabella remarried to Hiriam Norman and had eight more children. Isabella died in Pike County, Mississippi.
William Kaigler married Mary “Polly” Burkhalter. They had 13 children  and spent their lives in a part of  Pike County that later became Walthall county, Mississippi.
There are a great many descendants of Nancy Miles Kaigler in Mississippi who are eligible for the Daughters of the American Revolution or Sons of the American Revolution.

American Revolutionary War Patriot Thomas Miles
Birth:  Charles City, VA  23 Sep 1752
State of Service:  North Carolina
Rank:  LT
Burial/Death:  Florence, TN  15 Sep 1838
Grave has DAR Marker
Spouse:  Ann “Nancy” Patterson

If you can trace your ancestors through any of the children of Isabella or William Kaigler, then you may apply for membership in the DAR or SAR with Thomas Miles as your Patriot Ancestor. Birthdates listed below are approximate. If you are a descendant of Isabella Kaigler Coney Norman or William Kaigler and wish to add information to this web site, please contact Shannon Gorman.

Descendants of Isabella Kaigler Coney Norman

David Aquila Coney, CSA       1835 - 1924
......          +Mary Jane Walker  1839 – 1923

Lewis Newsom Coney, CSA    1837 – 1861- died in Civil War

John Hancock Coney, CSA      1839 - 1862- died in Civil War

William Jefferson Coney, CSA 1839 - 1862- died in Civil War
......          +Elizabeth Selena Huffman      1838 - 1907

Washington Green Norman      1847 - 1923
......          +Lucy Dorothy Williams 1850 – 1892

Hugh Monroe Norman     1857 - 1889
......          +Martha A. Curtis    1860 – 1922

Martha Delila Norman     1856
......          +John H. Quin 1846 –

Barns Wallace Norman    1853 –

Ann Rebecca Norman      1845 -
......          +B. S. Alford  

Thomas Levi Norman      1849 - 1927
......          +Martha Jane Tyler  1860 – 1934

Joseph Norman        1843 –


Descendants of William W. Kaigler

Sarah Ann Kaigler    1842 - 1915
......          +James (Jim) D. Holmes, Dr.   1846 - 1915

Mary E. Kaigler       1850 - 1925
......          +Jacob Warren Willoughby      1855 - 1901

Phillip Kaigler  1858 -
......          +Namie unknown maiden Kaigler    1859 –

Louisa Kaigler 1845 - 1920
......          +Homer Ball    1845 -     
..      *2nd Husband of Louisa Kaigler:   
......          +Holden Pearson     1832 - 1920    

James D. "Jim" Kaigler    1847 - 1931
......          +Eliza Jane Holmes  1848 -

Mattie Kaigler  1850 -
......          +Charles Sheppard, Reverend 

William W. "Will" Kaigler        1852 - 1870

Samantha "Cyntha" Kaigler      1853 -
......          +Dr. Bonner     1850 –

Eliza J. Kaigler 1857 –

Laura Kaigler   1860 - 1904
......          +Mark E. Lowe        - 1921

Solena Ophelia Kaigler     1864 -
......          +Asa A. Lowe  1859 -

M. Elizabeth Kaigler        1867 -

Lydia Kaigler   1850 -
......          +Tom Lowe     1850 -

For more information please contact Shannon Gorman








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