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Will of John Rufus Barnes



Estate of John R. Barnes by L. J. Newsom, Admin.
Petition for Letter of Administration and Oath of Office
The State of Mississippi } In Chancery Court
Marion County } To April Term AD 1884
To the Honorable L. Evans, Chancelor of the 2nd. Chancery Court District of the State of Mississippi.
The petition of Lewis J. Newsom, a citizen of the State of Mississippi, resident in Marion County in said State, respectfully shows that John R. Barnes late of said County, Departed this life on or about the 2nd day of October AD 1883 in said County leaving at the time of his death, a mansion house and Known place of ^ permanent ^ residence in said county & State, & leaving no last will or testament, so far as your petitioner know or believes.
That said decedent left a small real & personal estate, situate in said County, some debts due him, and died indebted to Sundry persons which debts are yet outstanding.
That said deceased left surviving him, his widow Patsy A. Barnes, and the following named children all of whom are minors to wit, Betty Barnes, Nettie Barnes, Lovisa Barnes, Benjamin Barnes, Edward Barnes, Casa B. Barnes, Lee Barnes & Robert Barnes.
Petitioner knows that more than thirty days have elapsed since the death, an no application for administration of said estate has been made. Petitioner is the brother of said widow, and the uncle of said minors, and by reason of his interest in their welfare is willing to undertake said administration.
He therefore represents to your Honor further as follows, that the personal estate of which decedent died possessed, consists (Exclusion of the exemption) of Cotton amounting to three light bales. One yoke of Oxen, and some other small articles, all amounting in balance of less than $300.00. Said petitioner tenders bond with good surety in the sum of $500.00, and prays that administration be granted to him of said Estate, And as in duty bound.
T. S. Ford Lewis J. Newsom


















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