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Submitted by Sandra Shields Cook

Early Land Patents Claiborne/Warren
Asenath Willis 219 f St. Catherines Creek July 9, 1805
Thomas Ingles 640 f Bayou Pierre September 1806
Samuel Bridges 240 f Bayou Pierre September 1806
Westly W. Neely 272 f Bayou Pierre December 1806
Samuel Bridges 150 f Bayou Pierre December 1806
Owen Ellis 178 f Beaver Creek December 1806
Thomas J. White 500 f Bayou Sara March 1807
Elias Barnes 467 f Bayou Pierre April 1807
William Barnes #5081 Claim 29 mar 1804 of the Miss. Terr., claims 210 Arpens on the W prong of the River Amite, by improvements made on or before 3 mar 1803.
Old St. Stephen's Land Office 1768-1888 (Alabama)

Ledger A December 1806 - March 1812

Owner, Township, Range, Date of Patent

Joseph Ford 1 17w September 17, 1811
Solomon Ford 1 18w September 17, 1811
Stephen Foxworth 2 18w September 17, 1811
Jacob Pope - - September 23, 1811
Everett Lee 1 17w September 23, 1811
Stephen Foxworth 2 18w September 19, 1811
John Ford 9 3 February 26, 1812
Ledger B August 20, 1814 -July 5, 1817
Everett Lee 9 18w July 28, 1815
Stephen Foxworth 3 18w September 19, 1815
James Ford 7 3 November 22, 1815
Spanish Land Grants
Feb 17, 1806. Gibson Clark, Senr., and wife, Susannah, of Claiborne Co., Mississippi Territory, to Elias Barnes, of same, for $5000, 600 arpens on fork of Bayou Pierre and Clark's Creek, on which he now lives, being a grant from the Spanish Government. Gibson and Susannah signed with their marks. Witness: Sam'l Bridgers, Stephen B. Minor, Elipt. Frazer. (The above grant was confirmed by the Commrs., 3 June 1805.) Proved in court, 24 jany. 1807, by Eliphalet Frazer, before J. Moore, J.P.
* Claim No. 686. James Lobdell's survey of 467 arpens on Tabor's Creek, a branch of Bayou Pierre, 50 miles NE from the Fort. Natchez, July 16, 1792. (signed) Wm. DUNBAR. [Plat shows land adjacent Abner Green, Ebenezer Smith, Gibson Clark, Wm. Tabor and Lucas Smith.] 
* 15 Nov. 1799 James Lobdell to John Armstrong, for $500 paid, 400 acres of above tract. Signed. Witness: Thos. Woods, John Ivers, Wm. Brocus, Jr. Acknowledged 26 Apr 1800, before G. W. Humphreys, J. Q. Receipt for full payment, 19 Jany 1802, signed by James Lobdell, Mary Lobdell. Witness: Robt. Trimble.
* 24 Oct 1801. John Armstrong and Margret, his wife, to Frances Nailer, for $600 paid, 400 acres, as granted above. John Armstrong, Margaret (X) Armstrong. Witness: Julius Smith, Pliny Smith. Acknowledged before Geo. Wilson Humphreys, Justice of Pickering County, 24 Oct 1801.
File. Claimant, Frances Nailer, 27 March 1804. Witness: Elisha Flowers, Wm. Atchinson, 19 Nov. 1804.
* Certificate B-249 issued to Elias Barnes, assignee, 30 March 1807. Frances Nailer, an actual settler, 27 Oct 1795, claims 467 arpents, as above, warrant of survey now lost, dated 26 Apr 1790, to Lobdell who was then head of a family, etc. 
* 16 March 1807. Frances Nailer and Maria, of Adams County, Mississippi Territory, to Elias Barnes, of Claiborne County, for $1000, a tract on Tabor's Creek, on South Fork of Bayou Pierre, granted to James Lobdell, 6 April 1790. Both signed.
3rd Nov. 1810. Major John Minor, of Concordia, Orleans Territory, to Allen Barnes, of Claiborne County, Mississippi Territory, for $1600, 400 arpens on the south side of the North Fork of Bayou Pierre, granted to said John Minor by Spanish Government, 8 Jun. 1792, and surveyed 6 jany 1790. Signed. Witness: S. B. Minor, S. Bullock. Proved by Stephen Bullock before Thomas Barnes, 4 Nov. 1810. Recorded 7 Nov. 1810.






















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