The Mystery Farm Series was run in the Columbian-Progress and Sunday Mirror newspapers published in Columbia, Mississippi 1954-1955. Property owners were given the original picture when they went to the newspaper to be interviewed for the article. I believe the newspaper reporter was B. B. Bradley and the aerial photographer was Zekan Robbins.
The archived newspapers were found in the Marion County Courthouse records room. I photographed the newspaper articles in October 2008. In researching the Mystery Farm series, I read through all the 1954-1955 newspapers I could find. I did not find Mystery Farms 5, 78, 90, 92, 94, 98 and 101.
The images do not print well because the images are pictures of pictures from very old newspapers.
If you find an error in the spelling of a name, or wish to add information to the Mostly Mississippi database about any of the following people, please email me.

Laurel Shannon Albritton Gorman
Mystery Farm Number
Wife by Maiden Name
McNeese, Welda
Nell unknown maiden
Rowley, Fred
Thornhill, Elma
Summers, Z. E.
Breakfield, Hettie 
Toney, Hugh Henry 
Pickering, Clemis
No Image-No Info
Bennett, L. D.
Luter, Margaret
Ouzts, William
Turcott, Lucille
Forbes, J. Walter
Bracey, Lou 
Campbell, Carroll
Miller, Hazel
Ratliff, Willie
Dunaway, Annie Mae 
Hunt, Willie
Lee, Jessie Mae
Chancie Pittman
Turnage, Emmie 
Buckley, C. H.
Speights, Dewitt
Robbins, Virgle 
Sproles, H. B.
Bass, Liston
Fortenberry, Gay
Bridges, Maggie
Thompson, Phillip.
Burt, Elaine
Polk, Fenton
Carter, Jewell Mae
Broom, Guy
Singley, Nettie Mae
Hoag, C. A.
Brotherton, Levissa Jane
Meeks, Melvin Buddy
McElroy, Hattie Mae
Lott, Travis
Singley, Lois
Aultman, Wayne
Easterling, Dora Lee
Barber, J. H.
Goldman, Mae
Tullos, Worth
Bass, Sadie
Kendrick, E. W.
Coutler, Minnie Belle
Wesley, Lewis
Rutland, Jesse
Stewart, Jessie Belle
Singley, John T.
Carra unknown maiden
Riley, William "Boll Weevil"
Holmes, Clifford
Brumfield, Glendora
Cook, Lloyd
Williams, Daisy
Anderson, Vandus
Abrams, R. W.
Roberts, Josephine 
Sanford, Columbus
Smith, Bessie
Rutland, Mason
DeLancey, Frances 
Rawls, Jabus W.
Applewhite, Oneida
Stringer, Charles "Shorty"
Watts, Mironie Ruth 
Powell, Alcus W.
Pierce, Clarence
Singley, Amanda
Bourne, Milton
Baggett, Carlene
Byrd, Wilmer
Culpepper, Lettie Mae
Watts, Houston and wife Lucille McCraney Houston
Breakfield, Hulon and wife Lois Breeden Breakfield
Roberts, J. P.
Morgan, Allie
Thompson, Jesse R. "Jack"
McDaniel, Joe
Fortenberry, Julia
Lentz, J. C.
Samples, Bethany
Mondy, Otis "Doc"
Pearson, Ada
Magee, Howard
Speights, Edna Earl
Thornhill, Rodney
Bedwell, Susie
Fortenberry, Forrest
Prine, Bertie Mae
Broom, Porter
Singley, Tressie
Gay, C. V.
Jones, Caroline 
Foxworth, Carlin
Pritchard, Beatrice
Kane, L. R.
Warren, Jessie Sue
Pittman, Enoch
Coker, W. R.
Etheridge, Earline
McCullough, R. L.
Cooper, Annie Bell 
Murphy, J. H.
Holmes, Willie and Hezzie
McDonald, Mary Jeanette 
Abram, Harrison
Jefferson, Coreen
Regan, James
Alexander, Greta
Ball, John
Wells, Crystelle
McMurray, J. J. and Bertie Mae Anderson
Mrs. J. J. McMurray
McKenzie, Jewell
Holmes, Nell
Regan, John I.
Graham, Lela
Dunaway, Hezzie
Sauls, Willie Mae 
Pierce, Bill
Sutton, Pearl
Foxworth, Jerome
Cooper, Mae
Regan, Ned
Bedwell, Mollie
No Image- no info  
Ball, Scott
McKenzie, Exie Mae 
Thompson, Bruce F.
Forbes, Laureda
Fortenberry, C. C.
Tolar, Bertie Cook
Rogers, C. E.
Tolar, Bertie Cook
Bryant, Shelby
Graham, Carrie Lee 
McDaniel, Claude
Bessie Gregg
Prejean, I. A.
Forbes, Jack
Ford, Iris 
Tom McKenzie and Raiford Prisk
Singley, Phillip
Pittman, Kathleen 
No Image No Info  
Rayburn, J. I.
Stringer, Ettie Lee 
No Image No Info  
No Image No Info  
Mason, Sid
Gilmore, Fannie 
H. H. Forbes
Herring, Bessie Lee 
Stringer, Quin
Cook, Velma
No Image No Info  
Tullos, Cassie
Ainsworth, Cornelia "Neely"
Polk, Ira G.
Williamson, Mollie 
No Image No Info  
Baylis, Floyd
Thames, Viola 
Polk, J. V.
McFarland, Ollie
Nace, Lawrence
Pittman, Sarah


































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