Mississippi photographs and scanned newspaper clipping donated by Barbara Street Sandifer and Peggy Disbrow of the Columbia Family History Center. The images were collected during a Family History Open House and there are many more not listed here.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints
Family History Center
805 West Lakeview Drive
Columbia, Mississippi
If you want to speak to Barbara or Peggy, please call ahead, 601-444-0090 to be sure they are there.
Please contact me if you can identify to which county the Unknown County photos belong. I have six folders of pictures and have only made it through two folders.
There are a few photographs which have been added by individuals that were not from the Family History Center Open House.

The assignment of county was done by the person who brought the picture to the Family History Center. It may or may not be the right county. Use your own judgment and do more research to validate the county.
Marion County
1894 Columbia Trustees
1912 J. J. White Lumber Mill
1914 Marion County Primary School
Barnes, John Clayton Family
Brazzel / McLelland, Ellen 1800's
Broom Family 1920
Campbell, Mary
Coker female
Coker, William Martin
Deloss Family
Dunaway, Moses Jefferson
Gibbs, Milton
Keys Family
Lambert, Mary Jane
Lewis Sisters
Lewis, Jesse-Stephens, Nanny Family
May, William Thomas Family
McClellan Family
McClelland, Lucy
McLelland, Isabella
Moore, Isina
Moore, Madison and Joania
Old Columbia High School- Forbes
Old Road Grader
Perdue, Althea
Prine- Boston Railroad Card
Priscill Four Generations
Spring Cottage School
Stovall 1
Stovall 2
Watt, John Family
Watts 1
Watts 2
Watts 3
Webb, Emily & James 1850
White, J. J. Lumber Mill
Williams Family
Willoughby, John R and Carrie Newsom
Willoughby, John R Family
Wilson Family


Alford, James Madison
Holmes, Amelia Lucentta 1890
Magee, Rosa Victoria 1871
Ott, George H. D.
Yawn, Annie Lois 1880
Yawn, Isaac Newton
Yawn, John Wesley  
Yawn, Martha Knight
Yawn, Minnie A.
Walthall County
Alford, James Henry
Alford, James Henry and wife
Boone, Leander P.
Boone, Leander Pinkey Family
Brewer, Eli Henry
Duncan, Melissa and others
Fortenberry, Calvin Kenniston
Gartman, Eunice 1875
Gartman Family 1940
Gartman Girls 1920
Grubbs 1851
Jordan Family 1850
Lambert, Ed 1878
Lambert, Ed 1878
Lee & Spence 1850
Lee, Charles Needham 1920
Lee, Gussie Duncan 1955
Lee, Jessie Monroe 1950
Lee, Josephine 1860
Lee, Lidia 1900
Lee, Martha Tennessee 1867
Lee, Otera Duncan Family 1930
Lee, William Hirdson 1856
Old Darbun Mormon Church 1920
Old Stephens Home- Painting
Richey / Thornhill 1825
Rushing, Mary 1900
Sandifer, James T. Family 1841
Sartin, James Obed
Sartin, James Obed 2
Sartin, Katherine
Sartin, Major
Spence, John C
Spence, John C 50th Wedding Anniversary
Spence, Rosa Angeline Family 1940
Spence, Mrs. John Clarence
Spence & James 1892
Stephens 1940
Stephens, Thomas Jefferson 1960
Stephens, Thomas Jefferson
Stephens, Thomas Jefferson Birthday 1965
Stovall, Jessie & Nannie 1850
Thornhill, Frances Caroline 1888
Thornhill Wedding 1930
Jefferson Davis County
Rogers, John Wesley
Ross, James Reuben
Lawrence County
Loper, Judson Bradley
Brewer Family
Lambert, Mary Jane
May Family
Pratter Family
Pratter, Jim, John, Bill
Williams Family 1904
Covington County
1890 Mail Truck
Rogers, James Madison
Rogers, James Madison Family
Copiah County
Smith, Madaline
Smith, Marion
Amite County
McGraw, John
Greene County
Ammons, Lafayette
McInnis, John Wesley file 2
McInnis, J W and Dogget
McInnis W file 2
McInnis_W 2 file 2
Unknown County
Barnes_James Pinkney and wife
Jackson_John Alto and Mary Stubbs
Coker_James Duncan
Ryer_James Family
Yawn_Jesse Daniel
Kennedy_Minnie Elvira 1885
Laughlin_Mary Alice
Turner_Louis Edgar and Nancy Emile Brewer
Sheopshire_Martha Susan
Ryer_Mary Ann
Robinson_Mary Martha
Robinson_Mary Martha 2
Phillips_Maude Valarie
Phillips_Maude Valarie with children
Dunaway_Minnie B.
Morgans House
Dunaway, Moses Jefferson 1833 Old Pike Co
Stoval, Myrtie 1869 Marion Co
Rogers, Nancy Angeline2 Jefferson Davis Co
Rogers, Nancy Angeline Jefferson Davis Co
Spence, Nancy Ann_Fuller, Henry Clinton
McColsky, Nancy 1900
Magee, Neriza Phoebe 1824 Old Pike
Barker, Newman husband of Elizabeth Ross
Underwood, Pearl Lee
Perry Family
May, Phillip Curtis Old Pike Co
Allen, RL 1863
Brewer, Rachel
Cole, Ralph Duke
Reyer Family Marion Co
Coulter, Robbie A
Gibson, Robert-Story, Amite Co.
Allen, Robert Lee
Robinson_Hobbs Walthall Co
Spence, Rosa Angeline 1874-1952 Walthall Co
Lee, Rosa Spence_ Lee Bobbette Walthall Co
Magee, Rosa Victoria 1871 Old Pike Co.
Spence, Rosa, Jesse, Bobette Walthall Co
Ross, Calvin C. Jefferson Davis Co
Turner, Sabry 1805
Ross, Sarah E. Jefferson Davis County
Ross, Sarah Elizabeth 1894
Hillman, Sarah Frances Greene County
Underwood, Sarah Jane 1884
Coker, Simeon's daughter 1890
Miles, Simon Miles b. 1824
Ross, Solin Plato 1887 Jefferson Davis Co
Shropshire, Susan
Gieger, Susan T.
Stubbs, Thomas Josiah
Marlow, Vada Lee 1
Marlow, Vada Lee 2
Marlow, Vada Lee 3
Marlow, Vada Lee 4
Virginia & Meron
May, Walter Chisholm May Walthall County
Weaver 1920
Coker, William 1890
Coker, William Martin Coker 1890
May, William Thomas 1868 Old Pike








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